Dust line monitor

Dust line monitor 

Product Type: 5EH-909S 
Product nameplate: Jiangsu - Huai Ansaixier Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. 
Category: Analytical Instruments 

Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ 
Protection class: IP66 / NEMA4 aluminum alloy shell, suitable for installation in non-corrosive environments, stainless steel probe 
Medium pressure: -0.1 ~ 2.5MPa 
Medium flow: 1m / s ~ 30m / s 
Medium temperature: -50 ℃ ~ 260 ℃ (0 ~ 400 ℃ optional) 
Pipe diameter: 0.1 to 4 m 
Probe structure: 300mm, 800mm 
Dust particle size range: Nominal 0.1um ~ 200um, outside the nominal range, but still able to receive the signal characteristic 
Zero drift :( time) lower than the range of 1% per year 
Zero drift :( temperature) transferred within the specified range of temperatures in the range of 1% of business 
Span drift :( time) is less than 1% per year span 
Span drift :( temperature) at a specified temperature range to internal, closed down in the range of 1% 
Line Stability: All components are made of high system stability electronic assemblies. 
Noise resistance: All 50 or 60 Hz audio and harmonics are all filtered out before the signal is received 
Measuring range: 0 ~ 100 mg / M3,0 ~ 1000mg / M3


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