High temperature

High temperature infrared camera system 

Product Type: SCCRGHX-100E 
Product nameplate: Jiangsu - Huai Ansaixier Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. 
Category: System Complete 

Product Overview 
KEGHX-100E blast infrared material surface equipment is specialized for ultra-high temperature monitoring device refining furnace roof monitor. The products in the absorption, digestion technology, based on Siemens products, combined with the actual situation of domestic manufacturers, the development of third-generation equipment. With nitrogen (or other inert gas) was cooled to ensure a stable line camera in high temperature, high dust, damp furnace. 
IR blast material surface by the insertion of small camera system to obtain a high temperature furnace imaging lens, CCD chip has the dual function of visible and infrared light, in the total real-time display of the control room to monitor the image-plane distribution of the material, and long life. This equipment put into use in a variety of blast furnace, furnace charging process in the blast furnace infrared video material surface under all loading conditions, the measurement of the material flow trajectory and shape of the material surface. After opening the furnace to see the chute movement and fabric process, see the distribution of the material surface, the center and the edge of the air flow, and pipes, collapsed material, take the material and the material surface, such as a furnace skew phenomenon. The system uses microelectronic components, making the system more suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion, humidity. 
The device uses the latest automatic ash removal device and online swappable device to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment, less simple maintenance frequency, and can be achieved online maintenance operations.

Main performance and indicators 
Conditions of Use: furnace temperature ≤1400 ℃ 
Ambient temperature: The control system ≤70 ℃ 
Gas: compressed air inlet diameter G1 / 2 diameter pipe G1 
Technical parameters: 
Power: 220V 50Hz 
Power consumption: <120W 
Nitrogen, wherein the pressure 0.6 ~ 0.8Mpa 
Flow: ≥1M3 / Min 
Inlet temperature: ≤35 ℃ 
Furnace wall opening: 110mm ~ 140mm 
Infrared illumination cameras 
Video Output: 1Vp-p (75 ohm) Horizontal Resolution: 600 lines 
Minimum illumination: 0.002Luxf1.4 Operating voltage: DC 12V plus or minus 10% 

A, System Overview 
The software is mainly used for video surveillance and blast furnace temperature measurement, the use of computer processing technology, more powerful than traditional analog TV features a qualitative change, the protection of blast furnace production runs have some guidance. 
System integrates video, video, pseudo-color processing, temperature monitoring, real-time temperature curve, temperature analysis, temperature tracking display in one; flexible configuration settings and rich, powerful video processing features fully reflects the usefulness of the system. 
B, Features 
System, the basic set by the video function, application configuration consisting of five parts, advanced settings, pseudo-color adjustment, etc., through this five-part settings and options, the system can be customized to fit the situation of the operating mode, grasp this operation is be proficient in using the system.


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