Energy Management

Energy Management Systems 

Product Type: SCCR5000GS-E 
Product nameplate: Jiangsu - Huai Ansaixier Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. 
Category: System Complete 

System Overview 
To improve the speed of energy saving equipment, effective and rational use of resources, improve market information and energy saving awareness mature companies, enterprises in order to complete the energy saving goals, better resource allocation, production organization, department of energy settlement, costs accounting, as well as energy-saving technological transformation for government policies and regulations synchronization support the urgent need to establish an effective energy management systems, energy supply, storage and use of effective management. For energy companies working nature and use of demand, we have further developed a more powerful, more targeted enterprise energy management information system. 
The system is an integrated energy data acquisition, analysis, management information systems, providing enterprise energy supply, storage, consumption of the whole process of tracking real-time monitoring capabilities, while using energy analysis model for enterprise energy management to provide business support to meet corporate real-time control energy situation, to strengthen the management of energy demand, but also to facilitate the business of energy metering and accounting work. Enabling businesses to grasp the energy consumption, tap the energy potential, improve energy management and efficiency. The system is based on the latest generation of enterprise-based energy management system controls on energy efficiency research and development generated, the system provides energy audit module audit approach with the Peoples Republic of China National Standard - Enterprise Energy Audit Techniques General exactly. 
The system can be used with data acquisition systems and automatic control system for effective enterprise integration. The use of computer technology and on-site energy metering equipment consisting of a comprehensive energy management network, will be in accordance with the level of energy-consuming equipment sub-sector, sub-metering uses independent achieve automatic metering data collection, users can define their own energy metering devices range monitoring region. For each measurement point, the area to achieve energy line dynamic monitoring, energy meta-analysis, sub-period multi-rate billing, fault alarm, historical data query, billing statements automatically generated. Provide a reasonable allocation of energy according to provide a means for energy automation management, providing a scientific basis for the systematic evaluation of energy saving. 
This system can be applied to large-scale iron and steel groups, non-ferrous metal smelting, power, petroleum, coal chemical, chemical, polysilicon, mining, pharmaceutical, paper, sugar, food, beverages, tobacco, water treatment, desulphurization, dust, exhaust heat recovery , transportation, building and other industrial enterprises and large public building users to meet different categories of users of energy management needs. 
System Features 
With the advantages of playing online monitoring system software to carry out independent energy audit energy management value-added services tailored to broaden the operation and maintenance of energy-saving mode and the integration of information technology to achieve energy efficiency analysis, energy-saving potential of mining, energy saving solutions. 
The overall framework 
The system uses three-tier architecture to realize the interface performance and business logic, data access separated, and connected to an external application service program through a standard interface layer, thereby providing reliable data exchange channel.


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